Information Security Policy

CMC has established an Information Security Policy that places the utmost priority on ensuring trust and satisfaction with our personal information procedures. To this end, we have established a robust system for maintaining confidentiality.


Information Security Policy

CMC defines itself as a "Creative Marketing Coordinator", serving markets by providing high value-added information to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Being a company that handles information, information security is one of the highest priority management issues. Information assets are a vital business resource for us. To live up to our company slogan - "Inspired information for better living", we must protect these assets from all threats and fulfill our responsibilities both to society and for corporate development. Our determination to achieve these goals is the foundation for our Information Security Policy.

  1. We will set objectives for company-wide initiatives to prevent unauthorized access to, or loss, leakage, falsification, or destruction of information assets to protect both customers' and CMC's vital business resources.
  2. We will comply with information security laws, as well as all business and contractual requirements.
  3. We will identify information security stakeholders and strive to satisfy their requirements.
  4. We will establish internal information security rules and policies and work to ensure compliance by providing training to executives, employees, and other parties with which CMC has business dealings on an ongoing basis.
  5. In the event that there is a breach of the Information Security Policy or related regulations, the offender will be punished in accordance with employment regulations.
  6. If information assets are found to contain threats, we will take immediate action to identify the reasons why, and work to minimize any damage and rectify the situation.
  7. We will conduct risk assessment on an ongoing basis to respond to changes in the business environment.
  8. We will establish and maintain an organization to manage the information security on an ongoing basis with the objective (tasked with) of protecting information assets.

President & Representative Director Yukiyasu Sasa

Yukiyasu Sasa

President and CEO
CMC Corporation

Established April 1, 2005
Updated February 16, 2015