Handling of Personal Information
Used for Hiring

CMC Corporation (hereafter, "CMC"), sets forth the following policy regarding the handling of personal information we receive from job applicants. Furthermore, please be aware that if you are unable to provide personal information, you will not be eligible to be considered for employment at CMC Corporation.

By applying for employment at CMC, you will be considered to have accepted the terms and conditions stipulated below.

  1. The information gathered by CMC from applicants will be used only to the extent necessary to provide information to applicants relating to employment, and for the purposes of job candidate selection and onboarding of successful applicants. Information will not be used for any other purposes without the express permission of the individual applicant. Please be aware that documents received from applicants (resumes, copies of qualifications, etc.) will not be returned.
  2. CMC will not provide the personal information gathered from applicants to third parties, except in the following three cases:
    • When the individual concerned has provided their consent for its provision.
    • When there is a threat to the life, health, or property of the individual or the general public.
    • When required by law to disclose information to national or local governments, the courts, police, or international law enforcement agencies.
  3. All CMC staff, both employees and management, understand the company's Privacy Policy and work actively to protect personal information. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, we will establish the necessary management structures to ensure applicants' personal information is not leaked. Successful applicants' personal information will be managed in accordance with the procedures for handling employee information. Personal information of unsuccessful applicants will be recorded and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  4. Applicants wishing to view or revise their personal information, please contact us at:

CMC Corporation, Administration Division
1-1-19 Heiwa, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
TEL: 052-322-3355
FAX: 052-322-9548