Questions about CMC

When was the company founded?
CMC started business in May 1962.
When was the company listed on the stock exchange?
Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ (Standard): December 4, 2008.
Nagoya Stock Exchange, Second Section: April 1, 2020.
What are the company's main products and services?
For reporting purposes, the CMC Group's products and services are broadly classified into two main groups: marketing services and system development services.

Marketing services involve comprehensive support for client companies' marketing and ICT deployment strategies.

Examples include:

  • Planning and editing of owner's manuals and repair manuals
  • Business process management and improvement
  • Product, sales, and technical training
  • Sales promotions, advertising, public relations

System development services involve comprehensive support for client companies' system development needs.

Examples include:

  • Planning and execution of ICT solutions
  • Custom software development

Questions about Financial Reporting

When is the accounting period?
October 1 to September 30.
When are financial results announced?
Results are usually announced in early November.

Questions about Shares

Which exchange are the shares listed on?
Shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ (Standard) and Nagoya Stock Exchange, Second Section.
What is the share code?
The share code is 2185.
What is the minimum number of shares that can be purchased?
What is the current share price?
Please check on the Tokyo Stock Exchange homepage.
When is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held?
The meeting is held in late December.
Are there any shareholder benefits?
Not at present.
Where is the Registrar located?
Please refer to the Stock Information page