While CMC may not be a household name, for more than half a century we have built an enviable reputation and unique business model that has brought us consistent growth and positioned us for future take-off. A trusted strategic partner of corporate clients both in Japan and around the world, our detailed client intelligence gives us the insights to support our clients’ strategic business execution.

Our unique business model has us poised for future expansion

Constantly evolving with the times, adapting to change is part of our DNA. Not a single product or service that were part of our original product portfolio is still offered today. Yet we have continued to develop and grow. In recent years, strategic acquisitions have accelerated our growth trajectory, with profit growing by an average of 33% over the past three years (compound average growth rate). Through this we have been able to deliver increasing dividend returns to shareholders, with the aim of continuing to increase returns in the future that will make the CMC Group an attractive proposition for the astute investor.

The manual experts: unparalleled knowledge and experience


Share of technical manuals for major automaker

Constantly evolving products and services


Products/Services continuously provided since foundation

Quality trusted by the best

58 years

Track record with top global corporations

Driving growth through acquisitions


Profit growth of strategic acquisitions

Cutting-edge ICT


Group employees with information and communication tech expertise

Steady profit and dividend growth


Average profit growth for past 3 years


CMC has a clear strategy for continuing to deliver profit growth, enhance customer satisfaction and improve returns to shareholders.

For almost 60 years, CMC has developed manuals for the clients we support. Working side by side with our clients has afforded us unparalleled access to the business operations and strategies of some of the world’s most successful corporations. This access has given us valuable insights, expertise, and know-how that translates into a competitive advantage when it comes to supporting our clients in the rollout and execution of their marketing strategies,.

CMC is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the opportunities of the information age and digital transformation. We believe our success is a result of our ability to constantly adapt to change. Evolution is part of our DNA. Throughout our history, we have recognized the opportunities presented by technological and societal disruptions to transform our value proposition and revolutionize our business model. We continue to expand into new markets – from robotics to medpharma – where we are successfully leveraging our insights and know how from other fields and industries.



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