Use of Personal Information

CMC Corporation (hereafter, "CMC") sets forth the following policy regarding the purpose of gathering and using personal information.

CMC Corporation's
Business Activities

Planning, production, and execution of various sales promotion activities; planning and production of manuals and other documentation; comprehensive printing solutions; system development

Note: “Business counterparts” refers to clients, suppliers, and any other entities that CMC has business dealings with.

Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use
(1) Personal information about business counterparts
To communicate, collaborate, negotiate, etc. with business counterparts, and to fulfill the terms and conditions of contracts, as well as other duties and obligations that arise in the course of our business activities. To the extent necessary for the above purposes, we may entrust the information to our affiliates and other business counterparts.
(2) Personal information received from business counterparts
Information received in order to fulfill our contractual obligations with business counterparts that arise in the course of our business activities.
(3) Personal information about shareholders
To provide shareholders with various services and to manage shareholder information in accordance with our legal obligations.
(4) Personal information about job applicants

The purposes of collection of personal information in circumstances other than the above shall be communicated and/or disclosed as appropriate on a case-by-case basis.