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Inspired information for a better life
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For many years, CMC has developed manuals for the clients we support. Working side by side as a trusted partner has afforded us valuable insights about our clients' products and services; their brands; the way they do business.

These insights have uniquely positioned us to also provide strategic support, such as personnel development, process improvement, and marketing strategy enhancement, helping our clients to grow and transform their businesses. We have also been able to observe how consumers make use of our clients' products and services.

Advances in modern information communication technology (ICT) have meant unprecedented growth in available information. We have access to more facts and figures, more research and analysis, more news and views than ever before.

But for this information to be of value, we need to make sense of it. Information must be meaningful. It must be timely and relevant. Accurate and reliable. Unambiguous and complete. Messages need to be crafted so that users have the information they want, when and how they want it. This is what we mean when we say our job is to put inspiration into information.

We have unparalleled knowledge of both our clients' business operations and how to communicate effectively. We will leverage this knowledge to create inspired information, giving meaning to the vast quantities of data companies deal with and transforming it into actionable communications that can be utilized across the full spectrum of business activities.
We will apply our insights into how, when, and where users interact with various types of information in order to optimize its delivery and presentation.

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Through these mutually reinforcing cycles we will continuously enhance the quality of information, striving to help our customers grow their businesses and to make the world a better place. CMC: inspired information for a better life.

President & Representative Director Yukiyasu Sasa

Yukiyasu Sasa

President and CEO
CMC Corporation
February, 2020

President & Representative Director
Yukiyasu Sasa